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Connect Rose Rocket and fleet compliance management solution, ISAAC Instruments, to enable real-time track and trace and log the hours of service of your drivers.

Rose Rocket and ISAAC Instruments work together to make your operations more efficient by giving your customers, dispatchers, and CSRs the real-time visibility they need to work better.

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ISAAC Instruments & Rose Rocket

Pair your ELD with your Rose Rocket TMS and get real-time visibility and planning flexibility.

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Real-Time updates for customers

Need to keep your customers updated on their orders? With the last known location and updated ETA of every shipment available in real-time in your TMS, you can extend this visibility to your customers through a Customer Portal, to give them autonomy and keep them coming back. This also means fewer manual status updates!

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Easily plan driver schedules

The Rose Rocket Driver Calendar makes it easy for you to schedule driver shifts that meet HOS requirements and ensure your drivers are compliant. Scheduling is easier because driver data from your ISAAC ELD is mapped into the TMS, so you can see where drivers are and if they need to take breaks. Based on their location, you can find loads nearby, which saves you time, gas, and money.

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See your fleet and orders on one screen

With truck, driver and order data on one screen, you can have complete visibility into your business. With Control Center, you can even see trucks and drivers on a map to easily visualize the future plans you need to make in order to maximize driver productivity with loads that make sense for them.

Dual-functionality, one screen

ELD Integration into the Rose Rocket TMS enables real-time visibility needed to plan, dispatch, and track shipments better than ever before.

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Driver Hours of Service

Your Hours of Service data is mapped directly into your TMS, so you can see how many hours your drivers have available, and know exactly when they are due to break.

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Last Known Location

See the last known location data of your trucks right from the TMS so you know exactly where the order is. Updated as often as every 30 seconds.

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Proactive Dispatching

See your truck location and driver HOS, from your ELD and any outstanding pickups and deliveries from your TMS — all from the same map.

FAQs about ISAAC Instruments

What is ISAAC Instruments?

ISAAC Instruments is a driver-centric fleet management software for carriers. Their ELD solution is third-party certified and 100% compliant with ELD regulations. Their fleet management solution also provides data and automation capabilities that help you optimize your operations.

Their solutions are able to be used by carriers of all sizes, and they are currently used by some of the largest carriers in the Canadian Top 100.

How do the ISAAC integrations work?

Once you have an ISAAC Instruments account, the integration with Rose Rocket TMS is instant and seamless. All you need to do is add your API key into the ISAAC Instruments login inside of Rose Rocket and you will be able to track your trucks and driver data in one click. Compliance data is available inside of your TMS and in your ISAAC Instruments dashboard for complete visibility.

What type of transportation companies does ISAAC support?

ISAAC Instruments is compatible with a wide range of carrier types, ranging from small trucking companies to large enterprises in many industries like LTL, TL and final mile deliveries.

Why do I need an ELD like ISAAC?

If you operate your commercial transportation business in North America, you probably already know about the ELD mandate and it's goal to improve fleet compliance and driver safety by monitoring vehicle engines and how long drivers are behind the wheel. Solutions like ISAAC Instruments help carriers stay compliant while boosting productivity of operations. To learn more about the ELD mandate and what you need to know about operating in Canada and the United States check out this quick article.

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