2023 Outlook

Challenges, Trends, & Technology in Trucking

Understand trucking's top challenges, and the technology that will help you thrive in 2023.

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Included in this report

Leaders from carriers and brokers of all sizes answer:

  • What is your company's biggest challenge in 2023?
  • What is the most time-consuming task running your operation?
  • Where do you plan to invest in 2023?
  • What technology are you using today?
  • What media and news sources do you trust and use?
  • How can technology help solve your challenges in 2023?

Labour shortages, global supply chain disruptions, skyrocketing fuel prices – the trucking industry has experienced unprecedented volatility over the past several years.

This report presents data collected from a diverse set of sources – including proprietary research, market trends, and aggregated Rose Rocket TMS usage data – to paint a comprehensive outlook of the challenges that are experienced by the trucking industry, and how companies intend on tackling them.