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Rose Rocket group at St. Lawrence College

St Lawrence College + Rose Rocket: Working together to build future generations of the trucking industry

We teamed up with St Lawrence College’s Supply Chain Management program to help support an educational program that simulates working at a trucking company and encouraging students to pursue a career in transportation.

From 10 trucks to 100: How AI Express merged carrier and broker sides seamlessly to scale their business

“Rose Rocket has helped us create our baseline to improve our service – creating an easy environment for our team to work with is a very big internal combustion."

How UniGroup Logistics connected their network of carriers

It’s about the customer and serving them. We needed to create a better experience for our customers, and this platform allowed us to provide more visibility, faster.

How Go Smooth Transport moved off 1000+ spreadsheets

"We needed something that linked everything together. Rose Rocket answered that solution and created streamlining operations."

How Western Alliance Logistics enabled same-day invoicing

"I have been able to save a whole headcount in the invoicing process, and I have been able to divert that resource to another part of the business."

How Experior Logistics went from on-premise to a cloud-based TMS

Experior Logistics switched to Rose Rocket from an on-premise TMS and uses Rose Rocket’s cloud-based technology to keep their distributed team aligned while automating tasks.

trucks at terminals

How Wainright Trucking reduced call volume by 75%

"We’re a smaller terminal, and that means staffing is lean. I don’t have people that can answer the phone all day to report in on the freight. Rose Rocket helped alleviate that."

truck on a dusty road

How Beech Hill enabled better customer experience

“When we get our customers to do more for themselves through Rose Rocket, like sending in orders or checking for a POD, it saves us time. Time we reinvest to find better rates for them.”

How LDK Logistics reduced order entry time by 75%

"The number one thing for us is the reliability of Rose Rocket, we never have to worry that it’s not going to be there."

trucks parked at warehouse

How Minimax Global Solutions delivered visibility to their customers

"It was a selling feature for us. With a new customer, we had a few orders, but the ease of use and the visibility that the Customer Portal offered helped open doors for us for new lanes."

truck driving on a road

How Zepto Solutions grew their business and operations

"Before Rose Rocket, I would spend 3-4 hours every night not only billing everything for the day but putting in the orders for the next day. With Rose Rocket, I am in and out in 30 minutes, and my orders for the day are done."