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Go Smooth Transport + Rose Rocket

Moving off 1,000+ spreadsheets to improve efficiency

Go Smooth works with Rose Rocket to streamline planning, provide visibility to their customers, and invoice faster.

Eric Carusi, Executive Vice President of Go Smooth Transport Ltd grew up in the trucking industry through his family’s business. About four years ago, Eric brought his years of industry experience over to Go Smooth.

Go Smooth provides custom refrigerated solutions to the dairy and grocery industries. They have about 270 reefers and about 70 day cabs/tractors and operate throughout Ontario and Quebec. Their head office is located in Mississauga, ON.

When Eric joined Go Smooth, the company was using about 1000 spreadsheets and an old database driven archaic software. The systems they were using were creating internal inefficiencies and Eric set in motion looking for a new transportation management system (TMS)  to replace and improve their processes and workflows.

Enter Rose Rocket. After moving to the Rose Rocket TMS they noticed that the software was customer centric and helped improve internal processes, making the team more efficient.

“We had to take a massive leap in terms of internal efficiencies and what we were offering our customers and what we found very quickly was that Rose Rocket was very much customer centric. ”
Eric Carusi, Executive Vice President, Go Smooth

Leveraging Integrations to Eliminate Bottlenecks
“The integrations that Rose Rocket includes start on the customer side and go all the way to the back end.”

Choosing a TMS that had the ability to integrate with the other softwares Go Smooth uses and the softwares of their customers was extremely important. They wanted to link everything together and have a centralized tool they could work out of. With Rose Rocket, Go Smooth was able set-up one-to-one EDI integrations with their customers, as well as connect to three other important softwares they were using — QuickBooks, Gmail, and Samsara.

Connecting these softwares to Rose Rocket, streamlined their operations and communications with customers, their dispatch team, and drivers. Integrating these softwares with Rose Rocket removed bottlenecks within their processes.

Efficient Invoicing
“The ability to invoice several orders and loads at one time, as well as the export feature to QuickBooks has eliminated any sort of double-entry”
Robyn Smith, Controller

Robyn Smith is the Controller at Go Smooth and joined the company 7 years ago as a part-time bookkeeper but as the company grew, so did her career. Robyn and her team utilize Rose Rocket’s invoicing module to quickly invoice customers and calculate payroll. Rose Rocket’s user-friendly and intuitive interface has made working with the TMS a positive experience for Robyn and her team. It’s helped them deal with the volume of work that they have and become more efficient in billing and payroll. Beyond making the finance team more efficient, Go Smooth has experienced significant business results.

Busines Results
Reduced "days to bill" by 50%: In Go Smooth's back office, they have reduced their "days to bill" by 50%, improving cash flow to the business.

33% more revenue while down 1 dispatcher: Since implementing Rose Rocket, Go Smooth has been doing a third more revenue while being down 1 dispatcher on the team. The Rose Rocket TMS allowed the team to handle more volume more efficiently.

Providing Visibility and Streamlining Planning with Samsara
Using Rose Rocket’s integration with Samsara, Go Smooth has been able to leverage the data Samsara’s ELDs collect right within Rose Rocket — from knowing the location of a specific tractor to drivers’ hours-of-service. Go Smooth has implemented Samsara ELDs in all of their tractors and with the Rose Rocket integration they’re able to provide tracking to their customers. They’re also able to track the freight internally, creating a consumer-like “uber-esq” experience for their team.

The Rose Rocket and Samsara integration has also helped Go Smooth take their operations to the next level in terms of planning. Being able to see their drivers current and weekly hours within Rose Rocket enables them to speed through planning and set drivers up for success coming into the weekend, all while maintaining customers' quick and urgent demands.

Communication with Drivers Made Easy
The Rose Rocket Driver Mobile app has also been another game changing piece of technology for Go Smooth. With the Driver Mobile app, Go Smooth drivers mark off the arrival and departure on all their deliveries. Drivers and the back office are also able to chat with each other within the manifest, ensuring that communication about an order is streamlined and can be found in one central location. The Driver Mobile app also allows the back office and the drivers to discuss any accessorials or one off charges that drivers may need to be compensated for. Centralizing all important information to an order within the manifest and driver chat on the mobile app also helps the payroll team know the information they need to efficiently process payroll.

Implementing Rose Rocket
Since implementing Rose Rocket and getting off the 1000s of spreadsheets, Go Smooth’s business and operations internally have changed drastically. Their internal processes like invoicing have gotten quicker and they’re able to track their freight with the Samsara and Rose Rocket integration. In addition, onboarding new employees to the software is made easy, thanks to the training videos that are embedded within the software. Rose Rocket has helped make internal processes more efficient, leaving the Go Smooth team more time for planning and improvement.

“Implementing a software is challenging. Using Rose Rocket made this the easiest that I’ve been through and that’s due to the user experience and the interface. I’ve been told it’s very Apple-esq, it’s beautiful to look at, but it directs the eyes where they need to be on any step, very quickly.”
Eric Carusi, Executive Vice President