Why you should buy a cloud TMS

TLDR - Here’s what you need to know: 

  • Purchasing a cloud based TMS software provides more benefits than purchasing an on-premise system.
  • Why?

                1. You can access the TMS anywhere you have an internet connection.

                2. You can easily (and for free) connect the other softwares you use to your TMS with integrations

                3. Cloud TMS software is cost effective.

                4.  Cloud software is secure & reliable (Rose Rocket is even SOC 2 Type 1 compliant!) 

                5. The flexible architecture and pricing of a cloud TMS will grow with you as your business grows &                      future-proof your business. 

Choosing a transportation management software (TMS) is a large decision for any trucking company or trucking brokerage. When researching what kind of TMS software you want to buy, you might come across two kinds of TMS systems — on-premise systems and cloud-based TMS systems. 

While both systems can help your transportation business, the benefits of a cloud based TMS software far outweigh the benefits of using an on-premise system. We’ve compiled a list of reasons why below but you can also check out this video to learn more about the benefits of cloud TMS software over using something like Excel or an on-premise system. 

While there are some great on-premise TMS systems on the market, modern software is cloud-based software – read on to learn why a cloud-based TMS software is the way to go when purchasing a TMS. 

Cloud based TMS software can be used anywhere

One of the major advantages to choosing a cloud based TMS is the ability to use the TMS anywhere there is an internet connection. 

Since the TMS doesn’t rely on being connected to a physical server, you don’t have to worry about always having to be in the office to access the software or having to invest in a VPN that enables you to access the software offsite from the server location. 

Cloud based TMS software provides you and your team with the flexibility to work in the way that’s best for them. Have half your team working remotely the majority of the time? No problem. Do you have part of your team in another country? Also not an issue. No matter where your team is, they’ll always be able to access the TMS. 

This flexibility to work from anywhere is a loved feature by Rose Rocket customers. Our customer Experior Logistics has a distributed team, with some employees being in the U.S., while others are in Poland — moving to Rose Rocket enabled them to collaborate more easily with each other. 

Integrate the software you use with a cloud based TMS 

Besides providing you with the flexibility to work from anywhere, cloud based TMS software also gives you the ability to connect the other softwares you use to run your business to it. By connecting your other softwares to the TMS, your TMS becomes the single-source of truth for your business, enabling you to access all your important business information from within one system. 

Cloud based TMS software makes it easy to set-up the integrations between your TMS software and the other software you use, like your accounting software or ELD software. With Rose Rocket, you can use our integrations marketplace to set-up the softwares you want to connect – all you need is an API key from the software you want to connect to the TMS. It’s as easy as copying and pasting. 

Besides being easy to set-up, Rose Rocket’s marketplace integrations come at no cost, so you don’t have to worry about breaking the bank to centralize all your information into one system. 

Cloud based TMS are cost effective 

Besides not having to worry about breaking the bank when setting up your integrations, purchasing a cloud software in general is cost effective. 

For starters, you don’t have to purchase any physical servers for the software or have to add an IT team to your payroll to maintain those servers. You also don’t have to worry about shelling out money whenever you want to update the software or have to worry about surprise repair expenses because the servers went down. 

With a cloud based TMS software like Rose Rocket, we push updates out on a bi-weekly schedule at no cost to our customers. The system also updates itself automatically, so you don’t have to worry about getting your IT team involved. 

On Rose Rocket’s podcast, Freight Famous, one of Rose Rocket’s early customers, Michael Melwicks from Moto Transportation, shared that he chose Rose Rocket because we become his IT team, as we manage and improve the product for our customers. 

Cloud TMS software is secure and reliable 

Above we mentioned how physical servers can be costly if they go down and you have to get them repaired. Besides being annoying to repair when they go down, you also have to worry about the security of your information. If your servers go down, there’s a risk that all your data can be lost. 

With a physical server you also have to worry about protecting your servers from bad actors who might want to hack into your TMS and hold your business hostage. With a cloud based TMS, your information is securely stored in the cloud. 

Rose Rocket cares deeply about protecting our customers’ data, which is why we put compliance at the forefront of how we develop our product, processes and teams. As part of this commitment, Rose Rocket became SOC 2 Type 1 compliant, meaning that we meet top industry standards in software compliance and follow security best practices across our organization. 

Future-proof your business with a cloud TMS 

As your business grows and the complexity of it grows, you want to have a TMS software in place that can keep up with your growth and also not break the bank. 

A cloud based TMS like Rose Rocket has the flexible architecture and pricing you need to continually grow your business. Investing in a software that will continue to work with you as your business needs change, will set your business up for long term success. 

To learn more about how a cloud-based TMS software can help future-proof your business, Rose Rocket customer, UniGroup, shared how they are using Rose Rocket to help activate their agent (carrier) network to enable hyper-growth. 

Final thoughts on cloud based TMS software 

When choosing a TMS system, you want to ensure that the system will be able to handle your business needs for the next five years and beyond. 

Cloud software provides so many advantages over on-premise systems, and gives you and  your team the flexibility to work in whatever way is best for you. 

Learn how a cloud based TMS software can help your business by booking a demo below.

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