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Rose Rocket TMS and Driver Mobile App work seamlessly together to streamline communication between you and your drivers.

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Improve driver experience

Make changes to your shipments on the fly and get real-time status updates for your freight while your drivers are on the road.

Efficient dispatching

Dispatch orders to the Driver Mobile App in a single click and make changes to stops on the fly.

Real-time status updates

Driver's last known location will show in Rose Rocket TMS, so you can always know where your freight is in real-time.

Capture documents

Capture e-signatures, scan multi-page documents and upload pictures directly into orders on Rose Rocket TMS.

Why your drivers will love it

Stop details at a glance

Find important reference numbers, special instructions, and details about each stop from a single screen.

Driver chat

Instant message drivers within an order, so conversations are kept in context and can be referenced later.

Escalate issues

Relay problems about a stop to dispatch and upload pictures of damages which can be referred to later on.

Go paperless

With the ability to scan physical paperwork and have order documents like PODs sent electronically, driver safety is kept a priority.

Record accessorials

Include unplanned services like a tailgate or inside delivery to ensure accurate billing for added services (Optional).

Driver pay

Drivers can see their assigned work and estimated pay, making it easier for them to work with you and manage earnings (Optional).

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Rose Rocket Driver Mobile App is available as a free product offered as a part of every Rose Rocket TMS plan.
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