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The single piece of software you can offer to drastically improve your customer experience.

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Happier customers, less work.

Give customers a one-stop shop for everything they need, while giving your team time back.

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Save time and work better

Customers can input their own orders, get documents, and see the status of a shipment so your team doesn't have to.

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Improve customer visibility

Customers expect more visibility into their freight at every stage of the order. Now they can get it at their own convenience.

Differentiate your business

When you enable your customers with technology to get on-demand visibility, it differentiates you as a broker or carrier of choice.

Why your customers will love it

Track & Trace

Customers can see the real-time location of their freight as it moves, when they want, where they want.

Book Orders

Orders can be created in less than 30 seconds with features like “Duplicate Orders” and an in-app Google Search.

Rate & Spot Quote

Your customers can add rates for an order or request a spot quote right from the TMS.

Share Documents

Documents related to any order can be uploaded or downloaded by you and your customer at any time.

Instant Chat

Customers can live-chat with your team in an order to communicate important updates as they happen.

Status Updates

Along with in-app notifications, status updates are emailed directly to your customers for their convenience.

Hear from real people using Customer Portal

It was a selling feature for us. With a new customer, we had a few orders, but the ease and visibility that the Customer Portal offered helped open doors for us for new lanes.

Albert Renaud
Albert Renaud
Director of Operations, Minimax Global Solutions

It adds validation to what we say we are. We say we are customer-focused, but when we show them a product like the Rose Rocket Customer Portal, it backs up what we say.

Greg Cox
Greg Cox
President & CEO Beech Hill Freight

We’re a smaller terminal, and that means staffing is lean. I don’t have people that can answer the phone all day to report in on the freight. Rose Rocket helped alleviate that with the Customer Portal.

Grant Oldfield
Grant Oldfield
General Manager of Wainright Trucking

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