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Connect with the freight community’s trusted load board, Truckstop, to post loads directly from Rose Rocket in just a few clicks.

Rose Rocket and Truckstop work together to connect you with a network of carriers to book freight in real-time, ensuring no load gets left behind.

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Truckstop Load Board & Rose Rocket

Connect your Truckstop Load Board to your Rose Rocket TMS to streamline load posting.

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Reduce Double Entry

No need to enter order information from one platform to the other. Rose Rocket allows you to push order information from your TMS into the Truckstop Load Board for quick posting.

No load left behind

With your load board connected to your TMS, you can directly access a network of carriers to post and book freight with. This ensures no load is forgotten in your planning process.

One system of record

Your TMS should be your system of record. This is why you can see every load that has been posted, with details stored within the orders and planning pages of Rose Rocket.

Dual-functionality, one screen

Having your Truckstop Load Board integrated with Rose Rocket allows you to work from one screen to do more with less time.

Seamless set-up

Connect instantly by logging into your Truckstop account and customizing your settings.

Manage loads

See and filter for all orders posted to the load board and go directly to the manifest in a single click.

Update postings

Edit the details of a post like equipment, special instructions, or rates after it’s been posted.

FAQs about Truckstop Load Board

What is Truckstop Load Board?

Truckstop is a provider of load board services. They have a multitude of solutions available for carriers and brokers who want to optimize their trucks and find more loads.

More information about Truckstop can be found here.

Is the integration free?

Integrating with your Truckstop Load Board is completely free! However, you will need an existing subscription to Truckstop Load Board services to enable this integration.

Which subscription of Truckstop is available for integrations?

This integration is available with an existing Truckstop Pro subscription.

Getting started? Learn more about how you can leverage Truckstop load board here.

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