Pre-Built Integrations

Integrate with advanced carrier compliance platform, SaferWatch, to have insurance information stored and updated directly in Rose Rocket TMS, so you can ensure you’re working with carriers you can trust.

With a single system of record, you can easily keep track of the safety and compliance records for all of your partner carriers and assess risk before moving freight with them.

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SaferWatch & Rose Rocket

Connect SaferWatch to your Rose Rocket TMS to directly access carrier ratings.

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Automate carrier selection

Ensure your shipments are only dispatched to carriers that meet the compliance standards of your business.

One system of record

Easily keep track of all insurance details and documents by having them stored right into your TMS.

Automate manual tasks

Reduce the manual data entry required to add and update carrier information by having it synced directly from SaferWatch.

Dual-functionality, one screen

Connect your compliance tools to your Rose Rocket TMS to make faster decisions with the right information on one screen.

Add carriers instantly

Input a carrier’s MC or DOT ID and Rose Rocket will automatically create a carrier profile with its SaferWatch details.

Auto risk assessment

See the compliance risk of a carrier in a simple red, yellow, or green assessment when dispatching orders.

Daily updates

Carrier compliance information in Rose Rocket will be updated to the most recent SaferWatch details each day.

Expiry alerts

Automatically be notified when a partner carrier’s insurance information is about to expire.

FAQs about SaferWatch

What is SaferWatch?

SaferWatch is a software that allows instant access to important carrier details, such as complaince information and safety ratings. SaferWatch allows you to ensure that your shipments are verified through SaferWatch so that you can quickly and easily ensure your freight is insured and safe with the appropriate compliance.

From the SaferWatch website, SaferWatch is "an online database that provides the freshest set of carrier data in the industry — instantly. By moving this information online, they eliminated the need for endless paper trails, brought more accountability and security to the industry, and cut down costs and time for brokers. What used to take hours to a full day to accomplish now takes minutes."

SaferWatch is a better option not only because of the time it saves you, but because it easily aggregates the information you need about carriers from a variety of different sources and allows you access to customizable due dilligence tools. This streamlines the carrier selection process and allows for simplified compliance monitoring.

Learn more about SaferWatch here.

Is the integration free?

Integrating with SaferWatch is completely free! You will need an existing subscription to SaferWatch to enable this integration.

Which subscription of SaferWatch is available for integrations?

This integration is compatible with SaferWatch Guardian and SaferWatch Assure subscription tiers using your SaferWatch API key.

Need an account? Learn more about how you can leverage Saferwatch here.

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