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Connect Rose Rocket and industry-leading eManifest software, BorderConnect, to make cross-border shipments easier than ever before.

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BorderConnect & Rose Rocket

Connect BorderConnect and Rose Rocket TMS to streamline cross-border paperwork.

No more manual paperwork

This integration allows you to generate eManifest documents directly from Rose Rocket and export them to BorderConnect without ever leaving the TMS. BorderConnect then pushes ACE and ACI documents to customs authorities in both Canada and the US, so you don't have to do the manual work.

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Simplify cross-border loads

With your TMS integrated with BorderConnect, you can send arrival and export messages directly to customers, right from within the TMS shipment itself. You can print barcoded ACI and ACE eManifest documents or send them directly from BorderConnect to drivers on the road.

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Keep your team updated

Have email status updates send to dispatchers and drivers to automatically update the on their eManifests and shipments. Add or update information like trucks, trailers, and drivers to your eManifests and they will be updated in real-time.

FAQs about BorderConnect

What is BorderConnect

BorderConnect is a customs clearance service and an eManifest software that allows you to automatically generate Manifests for cross-border shipments.

Why use BorderConnect?

Filing an eManifest is a requirement for any truck moving a load across the US and Canada (an ACE is required for entering the US and an ACI is required for entering Canada).

BorderConnect pushes these documents to customs authorities in both Canada and the US with minimal manual entry as our integration does this behind the scenes. When you make a manifest you have the ability to then generate an eManifest and export it to BorderConnect without ever leaving Rose Rocket.

Do I need to use BorderConnect?

BorderConnect is a tool often used by companies that process large amounts of shipments that cross the United States and Canadian border. It can be used for shipments that are going from the US to Canada and vice versa.

Whether or not you need this additional software to add onto Rose Rocket is entirely up to you, but if you feel the benefits of BorderConnect would apply to your business then the integration is always available should you choose to use it.

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