Rose Rocket

Platform TMS

Flexible software for modern trucking

You face complex technical and operational challenges

Get a TMS that can keep up


Flexible planning

Tailored operations

Portal technology

Analytics & reporting

Driver mobile app

Access the power of best-in-class solutions

Rose Rocket's platform architecture lets you enhance your TMS with the software systems you want.

Flexible planning for complex movements

Rose Rocket lets you split orders into multiple movements so you can easily manage any freight.

Line Haul
Multi-consignee multi-stop
Multi-terminal LTL
Pre-planning without work-arounds
Complex milk & peddle runs
Adjustable manifest

Tailor your TMS to your operations


Easily manage the unexpected

Get notified if a pickup has been missed, or alerted when there's a new at-risk shipment.

Best of all, you can update manifests to drivers that are already on the road to minimize any impact.

Give portal technology to your customers and partners

Send and receive spot quotes

Self-service track and trace

Email notifications for status updates

In-order customer chat

Service delivery analytics

Document management

Intelligent Analytics and Reporting

See an overview of your business in real time, even across multiple P&Ls.

Get business intelligence delivered right to your inbox and access customizable reports to deep dive into your operations. From orders and lane-level reporting, to your daily and weekly profitability data, Rose Rocket makes your data work for you.

Make driver experience a priority

Drivers can easily manage manifests, capture signatures, add accessorials, upload images, update order tracking, and report problems from the road – all within the Rose Rocket Driver Mobile App.

Future-proof your business with Platform TMS