Connect Rose Rocket to your trucking company accounting software. Rose Rocket and QuickBooks for trucking make managing your books easier than ever.
Our two-way integration lets you send invoices and bills from Rose Rocket directly into your trucking accounting software with a single click. When payments are marked in QuickBooks, your invoices and bills will automatically be updated as paid in Rose Rocket. Automatic syncing helps ensure that you never miss an invoice or bill. Rose Rocket and QuickBooks for trucking work together to speed up your accounting process by automating manual tasks and streamlining information, giving you back time to focus on your core business.
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QuickBooks Accounting & Rose Rocket

Connect your QuickBooks Accounting software to Rose Rocket to never lose sight of your cash.

Connect your QuickBooks Accounting software to Rose Rocket to never lose sight of your cash.
Streamline your accounting & get paid faster
Make your business processes more efficient by integrating Rose Rocket and accounting software, QuickBooks. Once integrated, you’ll be able to easily reconcile customer and carrier payments by exporting bills and invoices from Rose Rocket into your QuickBooks trucking software, to kickstart your invoicing process.
Connect your QuickBooks Accounting software to Rose Rocket to never lose sight of your cash.
Automate manual data entry
Manual bookkeeping can be prone to errors, especially when you’re manually duplicating data between two systems. The Rose Rocket and QuickBooks online for trucking integration solves this problem, by eliminating double data entry by having your records exported in a single click. This saves you time and streamlines data entry.
QuickBooks Accounting & Rose Rocket
Two-way communication between systems
Never miss an update about your finances. Payment changes made in QuickBooks will be updated in Rose Rocket to give you the most up-to-date information. No more worrying if you’re looking at the most current information — with two-way communication between QuickBooks and Rose Rocket.

Dual-functionality, one screen

QuickBooks accounting integration into the Rose Rocket TMS enables you to have all your invoices and bills properly managed.

Dual-functionality, one screen
Automatic exports
Send single or consolidated invoices straight to your QuickBooks online for trucking company accounting software in one-click or have them exported automatically. Automatic exports make sharing all your important financial information easier.
Dual-functionality, one screen
Seamless set-up
Connect instantly by logging into your QuickBooks account and customizing your settings. Within Rose Rocket, our Integrations page leads you step-by-step to connecting your QuickBooks for trucking industry accounting software to your Rose Rocket transportation management software.
Dual-functionality, one screen
Pay bills
Mark your invoices and bills as paid in your accounting software and they will automatically update in your Rose Rocket TMS. No need to update manually between two systems or lose sight of the status of a payment.

Frequently asked questions

What is Quickbooks?

Quickbooks is an accounting software that enables businesses to organize their financials and get paid fast. Within the software, you can easily track expenses & income, create invoices, accept payment, organize receipts, pay employees, and much more. QuickBook’s software is also based in the cloud, so it can be easily accessed anywhere from any one of your devices.

Quickbooks has a variety of plans to suit your business needs. Built with all sized businesses in mind, you can use Quickbooks for trucking bookkeeping and accounting.

To learn more about quickbooks visit: https://quickbooks.intuit.com/

What versions of QuickBooks are compatible?

This integration is available for the following QuickBooks Online tiers:

United States:
QuickBooks Online Plus & QuickBooks Online Advanced.
QuickBooks Online EasyStart, QuickBooks Online Essentials, & QuickBooks Online Plus.

We recommend a minimum subscription of QuickBooks Online Plus (United States) or QuickBooks Online Essentials (Canada) to get the most out of this integration.

Is it easy to connect QuickBooks and Rose Rocket?

Yes! It is extremely easy to connect QuickBooks and Rose Rocket. Within Rose Rocket, there will be prompts to help you connect your account. If you’re having trouble, you can always reach out to Rose Rocket’s Support Team to help you with the set-up process.

‍Will QuickBooks work for me if I’m looking for a small trucking company accounting software?

QuickBooks provides plans for a range of business sizes — from QuickBooks for owner operator trucking companies of various sizes, to accounting software for brokers, to accounting software for small trucking business — they should have a plan for you.

To see their plan pricing, visit their pricing page: https://quickbooks.intuit.com/pricing/#