Trailer marketing: 5 trailer wraps to inspire you

TLDR - Here’s what you need to know:

  • Here are 5 trailer ads from Walmart, Coca Cola, McDonalds, Behr and our own to help inspire you
  • Things we love about these trailer wraps:

                1. Eye catching imagery

                2. Showcases unique elements of each brand

                3. The imagery helps tell the brand’s story

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There are many ways you can market your business — from advertising on social media, going to events, adding your trucking business to the Rose Rocket Trucking Company Directory, and getting referrals from people in your network. 

While all these are great marketing tactics to get the word out about your business, trucking companies have the unique advantage of having a great marketing tactic already in their wheelhouse – trailer marketing. 

Leveraging your fleet and trailers to promote your business is a unique way to advertise your business and expose your trucking company to potentially thousands upon thousands of people, depending on the lanes your fleet runs. Having your trucking company name on your trailers is table stakes but investing in custom trailer wrapping is a unique, fun way to showcase your business and attract people’s attention. 

To help you get inspired, we’ve compiled 5 truck wraps below. 

5 customized wraps to spark some inspiration 

Walmart Cake Truck 

Image Source

Who doesn’t love cake? This trailer wrap design on a Walmart truck is a unique way to showcase some of the goods Walmart sells. The larger than life cake slab is eye-catching and elicits memories of backyard birthday parties with cake and games. Walmart has prominently put their logo, so you know exactly who’s trailer this is. 

No matter the design of your trailer wrap, you want to ensure that your company’s logo features prominently and isn’t hard to see within the design. Walmart does a great job of integrating their logo as a decoration of the cake.

Coca Cola bottles trailer wrap 

Image Source

Next up, we have Coca Cola. You can almost hear the coke bottles rattling against each other from this trailer graphic. 

This trailer wrap is clean and simple, clearly showing the product this trailer carries and displaying the brand logo in a prominent way. As a carrier, you might use your trailers to move a variety of products, so if putting a giant version of the product you ship isn’t in the cards, think of ways you might be able to incorporate imagery from whatever niche you service.

Primarily move refrigerated products, maybe your trailer wrap is the inside of a giant freezer with icicles hanging down – who knows, there are so many creative things you can do to showcase the businesses you service on the trailer wrap.

McDonalds’ farm to table trailer wrap 

Image Source

We like this trailer wrap because it tells a story. It showcases the full lifecycle of producing some of the ingredients McDonald’s uses in their food to the end product and it also supports McDonald’s overall mission to source the ingredients they use responsibly. 

Outfitting your fleet with trailer wraps that support the story and mission of your brand – whether it’s being sustainable, philanthropic, or providing quality service to your customers — will further connect potential and current customers with your company’s values. 

In this trailer wrap, McDonalds only uses their emblem logo. Since McDonalds is a global brand recognized by pretty much everyone, using their emblem logo instead of their full logo is an option for them because they are such a well known brand.

If your trucking company is not extremely well known in whatever lanes you run, we recommend using your full logo on your trailer wrap, so people know exactly who’s trailers they are looking at. Whenever you design anything, you want to be sure that people are easily able to recognize and know who you are.

Behr’s paint trailer wrap 

Image Source

This fun truck wrap is another wrap that showcases the product the company sells. Behr also incorporates lifelike elements to the trailer wrap design— it looks like you can physically grab the white corner and continue peeling it off the trailer. 

Designing your trailer wrap to make elements feel life-like is a unique way to grab people’s attention. In addition, Behr also included their tagline on the trailer, which further connects the audience to their brand. 

Rose Rocket trailer wrap

Ok, so we know we’re pretty biased here but we think our own trailer wrap is extremely cool. We partnered with one of our customers, Go Smooth Transport Ltd., to wrap two of their trailers to help market our trucking software

We wanted to make our trailer wrap eye-catching, so that it would stand out amongst the sea of trucks you sometimes see on Highway 401 in Ontario, Canada. Playing off our name, we decided to go with a larger than life rocket blasting off. We also wanted to be sure that people who saw the trailer wrap could easily identify that we were the brand behind the trailer wrap, so we ensured that our logo is prominently displayed. 

Another important goal of ours when designing our custom trailer wrap was enabling people to easily connect with us if they were interested in learning more about who we are. To do this, we put a large QR code on the trailer graphic that takes people to our website. This provides an easy way for people to find us after seeing our trailer wrap on the road. 

Let’s wrap it up 

We hope these 5 trailer wraps provided some inspiration for you! 

When designing your trailer wrap try to showcase who your brand is visually and use eye catching imagery to grab people’s attention — especially since these are on moving vehicles. 

If you’re curious about Rose Rocket and what we do, be sure to book a demo to see our transportation management software below.

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