Getting started with Rose Rocket - What to expect in TMS Customer Service

You’ve decided to choose Rose Rocket as your TMS — congrats! Welcome to Rose Rocket. We’re so happy you’re here. 

Whether you’re getting started on Rose Rocket TMS, or thinking about implementing new software in your transportation business - here’s what you should expect in a good TMS partner.

Starting on a new software can be intimidating. We know that change can be hard and we’re here to make it as easy as possible for you and your team to get started and be successful on new software. At Rose Rocket, we often get asked about our onboarding process and how our TMS customer service team works with our customers to make sure they’re successful at onboarding onto the TMS. 

As a technology provider that has onboarded hundreds of trucking and logistics companies, the team at Rose Rocket has put together a short video on what to look for when onboarding to a new TMS, and how the right partner should help with change management, data migration, and training your team.

You can watch the video below, featuring one of our TMS customer service representatives, Lynda,  or we’ve also pulled out the highlights if you prefer to read. 

Watch it:

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Change can be tough. Starting a new software can also be tough but here at Rose Rocket, we make it as easy as possible for you and your team to start using the TMS. Read on to learn how we support you through your onboarding journey. 

Change management 

Change can be hard for people who embrace change and it’s particularly hard for people who are not comfortable with change at all. 

When starting on a new software, you might have people on your team who are enthusiastic about adopting a new piece of technology and you might also have people who are a bit hesitant — who like the comfort of whatever program or system you’ve been using. 

At Rose Rocket, we’ve had customers who have moved from an on-premise software or Excel to our cloud-based TMS, and customers who’ve transitioned from very manual processes like pen and paper. We’ve also had people onboard to Rose Rocket who are super tech savvy and some who are less. No matter what software or system you’re coming from or if you’re tech savvy or not, through the training our TMS customer service team provides, we help you and your team become comfortable with Rose Rocket and excited about everything our cloud-based TMS can do. 

Data migration 

We know that your business data is important and that it’s integral all of it gets into the TMS. Depending on how your data is currently stored, we have several ways to get your data into Rose Rocket.

CSV Upload: If your data is in Excel, we’re able to upload the Excel file and transfer your data into Rose Rocket.


  • QuickBooks:  If you’re using QuickBooks, we connect your QuickBooks account to Rose Rocket via our integrations marketplace and then all of your customers’ information will sync into Rose Rocket. 
  • Samsara or Motive: If you have a Samsara or Motive (formerly KeepTruckin) subscription, we can integrate with Motive and then all your drivers and tractors will download into Rose Rocket. These are just a few of the ways we can get your data into the TMS. 

Before transferring any data into Rose Rocket, we recommend that you do a sweep of your data to make sure that all of it is clean. Having good clean data is important because if you have the wrong address in a customer’s profile, then your team will have to manually change that address to the correct address. When cleaning up your data you want to confirm that details like customers’ emails, addresses, phone numbers, and cell numbers are all up to date. 

Uploading clean data to Rose Rocket will give your team the peace of mind that they know the data in the system is correct. 

Custom onboarding 

Onboarding to Rose Rocket is very much a team effort between your team and our team.  

Our onboarding covers every aspect and process of the TMS — from operations, to back office, to integrations — we ensure that every team member, no matter their role, knows how to use the TMS. The onboarding schedule is usually over a four week period but we have had companies with a champion do it much quicker than that (like our customer Western Alliance Logistics), as they wanted to get up and running quickly. 

To help with onboarding, we recommend having a champion within your team, who will be the main liaison between Rose Rocket and your team, and also be your in-house Rose Rocket expert, in case your team has any questions. We are always happy to answer any questions your team may have but assigning a champion can help keep your onboarding process on track and encourage your team to actively adopt the software. 

Learn and train your team 

During onboarding our TMS customer service team provides you with a variety of resources that your team can use to learn more about the processes and workflows of the TMS. These resources are always available for you and your team to access, so can be used after your initial onboarding has finished. These resources are also great to share with new employees, to help them learn and onboard to the TMS when they start. 

One resource you’ll have access to are the recordings of your initial onboarding sessions. To find answers to specific questions you have about the TMS, our Help Center can guide you to the answer. There is also the Rose Rocket Academy, which is a video based learning resource. Going through the Academy lessons can be extremely helpful, especially when you follow along on your own instance of Rose Rocket. All of these resources can be accessed from anywhere at any time. 

Thanks for choosing Rose Rocket as your TMS

Set yourself up for success.

Getting started on new trucking software is a huge step, but the right TMS partner will equip you with the resources to help you hit the ground running.

Whether you’re switching from an on-premise software, Excel, or another TMS, Rose Rocket makes it easy to get started. 

We know that change can be hard. Starting and onboarding with Rose Rocket doesn’t have to be.

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