Best TMS software for carriers: How Rose Rocket can help your trucking business

TLDR - Here's what you need to know:

  • Finding the right transportation management system (TMS) is important
  • In your search for a TMS, here are some ways Rose Rocket can help your trucking business:
  • 1. We're cloud based meaning you can access the TMS anywhere you have an internet connection
  • 2. Our integrations marketplace offers many pre-built integrations, so you can connect the other software you use to your TMS
  • 3. Your business information becomes centralized in the TMS, making it the single-source of truth
  • 4. The Rose Rocket TMS makes it easy for you to collaborate and communicate with your customers, as well as with your internal office team and drivers
  • Learn more about the Rose Rocket trucking software and the various features to see if it's a good fit for your trucking business

Trucking businesses have many moving parts. Choosing technology that can support all the moving parts of your business and that makes it easier for you to complete tasks is key to having your business run smoothly. ‍

Trucking software, such as a transportation management software (TMS) is one of the key softwares you need to implement in your trucking business. There are many TMS softwares on the market and here at Rose Rocket we sometimes get asked, “Why are you the best TMS software for carriers?” Don’t hear it from us – we’re Software Advice’s most recommended TMS and top ranking on Capterra (we even achieved a best ease of use badge!).

Capterra Best Ease of Use Badge
Rose Rocket's Capterra Badge

To help explain why we’re one of the best TMS software for carriers, we’ve highlighted a few reasons below and have pointed out a few characteristics that make us unique and different from other softwares on the market.

Rose Rocket TMS software for trucking business features 

Cloud-based TMS software for carriers 

Rose Rocket is a cloud-based software — this means that anywhere there is an internet connection, you can access the TMS.

Since our software is cloud-based, you don’t have to worry about paying for servers and their maintenance or worry about having an IT team that manages the software, like you would with an on-premise TMS. The Rose Rocket team is your built-in IT team when you purchase our cloud-based TMS. You also don’t have to worry about setting up a VPN connection if you ever need to work out of the office — wherever there is internet, you can always access Rose Rocket.

Cloud-based softwares are also more secure and safe from environmental and security risks compared to an on-premise TMS software. The Rose Rocket TMS is also SOC 2 compliant, giving you the peace of mind that your data is safe with us. Our cloud-based TMS has a near 100% up time, so you don’t have to worry about servers failing.

Integrations that connect all your trucking business systems 

As a trucking business you have many different softwares that you use to run your business. You might use an accounting software to manage your finances, or a telematics software for your ELD devices, or Thermo King if you’re moving freight that needs to be temperature controlled.

Jumping from system to system when you need information can be frustrating, as it takes up time, especially if you need to do double data entry to try and consolidate information in one place. With the Rose Rocket TMS, you can integrate the systems you use to run your business right into the TMS, saving you time from switching between systems.

When you integrate your other systems with Rose Rocket, Rose Rocket pulls information from those systems right into the TMS. Rose Rocket’s flexible architecture makes setting up your integrations easy — you just have to navigate to our integrations marketplace and a few clicks later, you’re good to go. Integrations from our marketplace are included with Rose Rocket, meaning you don’t have to payout extra money to connect all your systems, like you might with other TMS systems, such as on-premise systems.

The Rose Rocket TMS becomes your single source of truth 

Since Rose Rocket enables you to connect all of your systems, the TMS becomes the single-source of truth for your business — this means that all the information you need to run your business is in this one system, empowering you and your team to know that whatever is in the TMS is the information you need to know to run your business.

As the single-source of truth of your business, the Rose Rocket TMS will be able to help you quote an order, dispatch, communicate with your drivers, send out invoices and more. All important documents associated with an order like proof of pickup, proof of delivery, BOLs, and more will all be attached to an order, so you always know where to find the information you need about a specific order.

The TMS can also help you make better business decisions, since all your business information is within the TMS. Rose Rocket’s analytics function is able to create reports about what’s going on in your business, like profitability reports showing month over month or year over year profits, and also operation focused reports, such as driver wait times. Our reporting features help equip you with data about your business, so that you can make data-backed decisions.

The TMS for collaboration 

Our TMS is built for collaboration. We know that no one moves freight in a silo and you easily need the ability to communicate and work with your customers, as well as with your internal office team and drivers.

Rose Rocket’s Network TMS features like our Customer Portal is a feature that enables you to extend a piece of your TMS technology to your customers.

From the Customer Portal, your customers will be able to do things like self-serve order entry and track and trace their freight, saving you from playing phone tag about the ETA of a shipment. Your customers can also chat with you within the context of an order through the Customer Portal, enabling all communication about an order to be in one central place.

To help your internal back office team collaborate, our internal chat function lets your back office team send messages to each other. Rose Rocket also has a driver mobile app that your drivers can download. From the app, your back office team and drivers will be able to chat within the context of an order. The driver mobile app also allows drivers to see their stops list, mark when they’ve picked up or delivered an order, and more.

The TMS software for carriers

Rose Rocket is one of the best TMS software for carriers. As a carrier, choosing the Rose Rocket TMS for carriers is one of the best decisions you can make for your trucking business.

Rose Rocket’s cloud-based TMS flexible architecture lets you connect the systems you use to run your business right to the TMS, making it the single-source of truth. As the single-source of truth, Rose Rocket’s analytics function is able to pull your business data into helpful reports, so that you can make data backed decisions. In addition, our network features optimize collaboration, making it easy for you to collaborate with your customers and also for your back office team to work together and with drivers.

To learn more about the Rose Rocket TMS and to see a demo, click below.

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