Best TMS software for brokers: What you need to know about Rose Rocket

There are many TMS softwares on the market and you may be wondering “what is the best TMS software for brokers?” and “what should I be looking for in a TMS?”

Here at Rose Rocket we sometimes get asked why we think we’re the best freight broker software out there. Don’t hear it from us – we’re Software Advice’s most recommended TMS!

Rose Rocket Software Advice Reviews

To help share what makes us unique and different from other softwares on the market, we’ve shared some of these characteristics below. 

Read on to learn why as a freight broker Rose Rocket should be your TMS of choice. 

Why are we the best freight broker software? 


Rose Rocket is a cloud-based software — this means that anywhere there is an internet connection, you can access the TMS. 

Since our software lives on the cloud and is accessible from anywhere there is an internet connection, it’s more flexible to use than on-premise TMS systems. You don’t have to worry about setting up a VPN connection if you’re working offsite and don’t have to worry about purchasing and maintaining servers. 

In addition, cloud-based software is more secure and safe from environmental and security risks compared to on-premise TMS softwares. When you choose a cloud-based TMS like Rose Rocket, we become your built-in IT team ensuring that the software is secure — so secure we’re even SOC 2 compliant. Our cloud-based TMS has a near 100% up time, so you don’t have to worry about servers failing. 


No one moves freight in a silo. There are many elements to moving freight and many other softwares you use besides your TMS system — such as your accounting software, load boards and compliance and safety softwares, to name a few. 

Rose Rocket has a flexible architecture, which means that you can easily connect the important systems you use to run your business right to the TMS. With a few simple clicks, you’re able to pull in all the important information from those other softwares right into the TMS. This will save you time from having to jump between softwares whenever you’re looking for information — instead it will be in one spot.

Any TMS for brokers should be able to connect easily to the other softwares you use in your business. Without the ability to easily link your softwares, you might invest hundreds of thousands of dollars into trying to get your systems to communicate with each other. Centralizing information shouldn’t break the bank and thanks to Rose Rocket’s integration marketplace you won’t have to worry about sinking exuberant amounts of money and time into getting your systems integrated with Rose Rocket. 

Single-source of truth 

Since you’re able to connect all your systems to the Rose Rocket TMS, the TMS becomes your single-source of truth. What does this mean? 

It means that everything that happens in an order and all important data about your business is recorded and stored in the TMS. From quoting an order, to dispatching, to sending out the invoice, the TMS keeps track of everything that happens. When the TMS is connected to other softwares like your accounting software, it pulls in information from your accounting software, so you don’t have to continually jump between softwares. 

The Rose Rocket TMS also stores important documents like your proof of pickup, proof of delivery, BOLs and more, so you no longer have to create multiple folders on your computer to keep track of anything or have a mountain of paperwork somewhere in your office. Since all this information is in the TMS, our built-in analytics function is able to create reports about what’s going on in your business, like profitability and operation focused reports, equipping you with data to help make better business decisions. 

Collaboration made easy

As we mentioned before, no one moves freight alone. As a broker you collaborate with your partner carriers and also your customers. The Rose Rocket TMS for brokers was built to help optimize collaboration amongst you and your network. 

Rose Rocket’s Network TMS features like our Partner App enables you to extend a piece of your TMS technology to your partner carriers. In the Partner App, your carriers can do actions like manage documents and order information. You’re also able to chat with your carriers directly in an order, so that all the communication about an order is streamlined and in one location. 

Besides helping you collaborate with your partner carriers easily, the Rose Rocket TMS also has features that enable you to work with your customers well, including a Customer Portal that you can extend to a customer. The TMS can also generate e-Tracking links. An e-Tracking link is a link you share with your customer and from that link they’ll be able to track and trace their order. Having the ability to provide automatic updates to your customers will help save you time and make collaboration between you and your customers and partners easy. 

The TMS for brokers

Rose Rocket is one of the best TMS software for brokers. As a broker, choosing the Rose Rocket TMS for brokers is one of the best decisions you can make for your freight brokerage business. 

Rose Rocket’s cloud-based TMS for brokers software enables you to access the TMS from wherever you have access to the internet; our integration marketplace enables you to connect your other business softwares to the TMS making it the single-source of truth for your business; and thanks to features meant to optimize collaboration, the Rose Rocket TMS makes it easy for you to collaborate and with your partners and customers. 

To learn more about the Rose Rocket TMS and to see a demo, click below. 

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