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Get paid quickly and improve your cashflow with Rose Rocket Quick Payments.

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How it works

Rose Rocket Quick Payments allow you to get paid by your partner in under 72 hours once your POD is confirmed.

0% - 1.5% transaction fee

Get paid your full invoicing amount with 0% transaction fee for your first 10 payments. Following payments include a low transaction fee of 1.5%. No obligations or contracts.

Paid in 72 hours

Once your POD is confirmed, your invoice will be paid within 72 hours, directly into your account. Payee must be a partner of a Rose Rocket customer with Quick Payments enabled.

Safe and secure transactions

Your payment and account information is protected by industry-leading payment services.

Invoice even faster.

Speed up your invoicing process to get paid faster with these Rose Rocket features.

Use the Driver Mobile App to

Capture documents

Give drivers a mobile app for them to capture documents in real time. These documents automatically get attached to the order and goes directly into the Rose Rocket TMS, getting the order ready for invoicing in less time.

Rose Rocket dashboard

Use the Rose Rocket TMS to

Manage every order

Faster invoicing starts with better order management. Using the Rose Rocket TMS, you can create, edit, track, and manage every order. Know which orders are delivered so you can start your invoicing process faster.

Use the Rose Rocket TMS to

Invoice in a click

When an order is delivered and ready to be completed, your signed POD from your driver will be attached to the correct order. Invoices for every order will be automatically generated, ready to be sent in the click of a button.


How and when will I get my payment?

Your payment will be deposited by your Rose Rocket broker partner using your current preferred payment method.

You will receive your payment within 72 hours of the confirmation of delivery. What a confirmation of delivery means to you and your Broker may vary between partnerships.

Can I do this for all of my invoices?

Rose Rocket Payments is currently only available on select tenders for recognized carriers. Which orders are enabled are determined by your Rose Rocket broker partner.

Who can I contact for more information?

You can contact your broker partner who sent you this offer for more information. Alternatively, you can contact Rose Rocket at [email protected].

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