Platform TMS

Improve communications with systems, customers and the people who move freight.
"When it comes to meeting our customers’ demands, Rose Rocket is Cory’s preferred best-of-breed TMS"
Jared Hyman - IT Manager - Cory Companies

Trucking’s First Platform-As-A-Service

Rose Rocket is an open platform TMS that lets you enhance your TMS with the best in class integration-ready software systems of your choice.
Fleet CompleteBig RoadKeepTruckinOmnitracsShaw TrackingSwitchboardDescartes MacroPointGeotabSkyBitzSamsaraBlackberry RadarFleetioDescartes
BorderConnectProject44Carrier411GoogleAmazon AWSElement AIHubTranVectorOpen TextBoxDropbox
Seamless communications through order management, dispatch and billing.

Improve communications to your customers

Your customer needs more information than ever before. With Rose Rocket, you will be able to give customers real-time access to important data.
Online track and trace
Rates and tariffs portal
Document management portal
Customer chat inside your TMS
Email notifications for order events
Customer portal

Improve communications between systems

Communication between software systems eliminates problems and paves the road for innovation.
Integrated ELD data into workflows
Synchronize accounting data to apps like QBO
Integrate systems via RESTful API or EDI
Augment your TMS with AI and Machine Learning
Digitally connect your drivers’ cabins to the back-office
Automatic document upload and times from drivers

Improve communications between the people who move freight

Collaboration between departments, teams and partners requires a new level of connectivity within your TMS.
Put dispatch data in the hands of customer service
Put customer service data in the hands of finance
Let your team collaborate more effectively
Easily manage partner carriers
Direct connectivity with your partner carriers
Direct connectivity with your brokers
Platform TMS will change the way you see software.
Platform TMS will change the way you see software.