How is Rose Rocket different from other enterprise TMS systems?

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Award-winning for ease of use, and with our dedicated onboarding team and same-day support, getting started is quick and painless.

One-click integrations to all the software you need

Streamline your operations by connecting to software like Samsara, Motive, Geotab, Quickbooks, load boards, visibility, safety, and more.

Collaborate with your freight network

Secure Portals for customers & partners to share status updates and documents, plus a Driver Mobile App for dispatching and PODs.

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Stop settling for the same old, clunky tms software

If you still think a clunky, disconnected TMS from the 80s is your only option - think again. We know that large transportation companies need more. You deserve more, so we built it.

Rose Rocket Platform
Other TMS softwares
User experience
User experience
Standardized and intuitive design, making it easy to train any team member.
Clunky, outdated user interface, making it hard for training and onboarding
Flexible and customizable workflows, based on your specific company, division, or team needs.
Linear, opinionated workflows, forcing team members to work outside the TMS to get things done.
Customize or create new objects (fields), boards (data views), workflows, and documents, all while interconnected with the rest of the system.
Customizing fields is hard, let alone creating new ones that interconnect with the rest of your database.
Open architecture that allows easy native integrations, flexible usage of APIs and EDIs.
Open architecture that allows easy native integrations, flexible usage of APIs and EDIs.

Why Rose Rocket

Join our network of 100,000+ brokers & carriers for free today.

Industry-Leading Security

User adoption for enterprise software is critical. We’ve built every screen to be intuitive to make it a breeze for your training teams.

Complex Customizations

Custom fields, views, boards, and documents, are just a tip of the iceberg. This data is interconnected to allow for complex business rules to be added.

Best in Class Network Collaboration

Enterprise companies don’t move freight alone. Rose Rocket makes it easy to connect, from multi-division, to external partner carriers, and more.

Professional Accounting Suite

Leverage our robust AR/AP functionality and connect to industry-leading accounting softwares to satisfy the needs of your Finance teams.

Systems & Data Connectivity

Avoid working in silos. Instantly sync data & systems together in one place with integrations, APIs & EDIs.

Responsive Customer Support

A support team that is always there to work through any issues or optimize your Platform. Reachable in real time by email, phone, instant messaging and more.
It's not often that you find a service provider that is enamoured with and excited about learning your business.
we felt very comfortable and confident in Rose Rocket ultimately delivering a platform that met the needs of our customers and of our agent family.
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Scott Klausner
Executive VP of Operations, Unigroup

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Frequently asked questions

Why is Rose Rocket better than other enterprise TMS systems?

Rose Rocket’s Enterprise Platform is a best of two worlds – Enterprise-grade security, complexity, and customizability, paired with easy user experience and connectivity expected by consumer-grade software. With Rose Rocket, Enterprise transportation companies get to design the next generation of transportation software without compromising the unique operations that is critical to the success of your business.

Does Rose Rocket have a server maintenance cost?

Rose Rocket is cloud-native. Deployment of Rose Rocket is done remotely and Rose Rocket takes care of the security and infrastructure of your software offerings.

Is there ongoing support for platform optimization?

Enterprise customers get dedicated account teams to ensure that you are getting the most value out of your software purchases, as well as access to our responsive and helpful Support Teams.

Will our team require extensive training to use Rose Rocket?

Rose Rocket Platform is built with the most intuitive user interface on the market. On top of that, Enterprise customers can expect curated training and onboarding programs, as well as access to training videos and just-in-time learning tools for their teams.

How does Rose Rocket promote collaboration within our network?

Transportation is a multi-player game. What this means, is that transproation companies, even in the Enterprise, will work with other departments, partners, and drivers on a daily basis. Effectively connecting these parties using technology not only streamlines communications, but result in real time savings and ultimately, higher profit margins. Rose Rocket does this by having an open architecture, tools that allow for connecting into different types of systems, and more.

How scalable is the platform as our operations grow?

Rose Rocket’s Platform architecture allows for flexibility and scale. Designed on the foundation of “building blocks”, as businesses scale, Rose Rocket can grow as needed while sustaining any previous Rose Rocket investments.

Is Rose Rocket secure?

Rose Rocket takes security very seriously, and is SOC 2, Type 2 compliant. This is one of the highest recognitions of software security available, and we have teams dedicated to ensuring that our customers don’t need to think about their own software security, unlike traditional on-premise solutions.