Altitude, Aperatures and APIs

The CIO’s Guide to Solving the Visibility Dilemma

Winning, supporting, and retaining customers through solving the visibility dilemma.

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Your customers are asking for more visibility in their shipping processes, but your systems are having a hard time solving this in a clean way. We get it. In this guide, you will find different ways to think about visibility and how to get started in solving it.

  • What is the visibility problem anyways?
  • Altitude, Aperatures and APIs - the three things to consider for visibility
  • How to pull it all together
  • Creating visibility in processes and systems

In our data-driven world, we're used to knowing everything instantly—weather updates, coffee readiness, and delivery status. However, in the transportation space, this real-time visibility is often lacking due to the systems and processes that exist in today’s trucking companies.

This guide explores the concept of "visibility"—the ability to see a process's status anytime, anywhere. It helps transportation technology leaders solve the visibility dilemma, so that operating teams can win, support and retain more business.