Top 5 trucking podcasts you should listen to

Listening to trucking podcasts is a great way to learn more about the industry while traveling on the road. You can stay on top of industry news about tax credits, state regulations, and trucking laws, which makes it easier to run and operate your business. Plus hearing stories from other experienced truckers is also a fun way to learn from other driver’s mistakes and mishaps.  

We’ve rounded up 5 of our favorite trucking podcasts that are both entertaining and educational.

1) Freight Famous 

Hosted by Justin Bailie,  co-founder of Rose Rocket, this educational podcast shines a light on the behind-the-scenes of the trucking industry and discusses what it takes to build and scale and automate your trucking business. With the help of industry experts and thought leaders, Freight Famous is a great resource for industry professionals who are looking to stay on the pulse of trends in order to grow their transportation business. Freight Famous covers everything you need to know from using social media to attract customers, the pros and cons of starting a family trucking business, and the story behind building his cloud-based TMS software. He also covers and recaps the most newsworthy stories for the year. Some notable episodes include ones about nuclear verdicts in transportationtrucking entrepreneurship, and supply chain resiliency through digital transformation.

New episodes are released every other Wednesday on their website or wherever you get your podcasts!

2) Talk CDL

One of the best industry trucking podcasts you can listen to for the latest trucking news. They have over 300 episodes about controversial trucking stories, changes to trucking laws, and touch on common issues like carriers not paying drivers on time. Be prepared for heated fact-based discussions as they go in-depth into rules and regulations when it comes to trucking and predict the future of the industry. 

New episodes come out every Friday. 

3) The Truck Show Podcast

If you want to be entertained, The Truck Show Podcast is a great way to learn about trucking from LA radio personality Jay ‘Lightning’ Tilles and truck expert Sean. P. Holman. Their chemistry, and enthusiastic banter keep these in-depth episodes fun and easy to listen to while you’re running errands. Their content is a great mix of industry news and funny driving anecdotes that will have you laughing out loud. 

Expect new episodes every Monday. 

4) What The Truck?! 

An industry favorite, What the Truck?! Is an award winning podcast hosted by Timothy Dooner who speaks frankly with his guests. His irreverent humor and off the cuff remarks make this a fun and easy listen whether you are on the job or running errands. They deliver content related to transportation and logistics and often have lively debates and feature interviews with truckers, brokers, and CEOs in the industry. With over 594 episodes available online, there’s a lot of content to keep you entertained. Some episode highlights include: the impact of AI on freight, how to deal with truck accidents, and the outcome of delivering a package to the wrong address. 

New episodes drop 3 times a week on FreightWaves TV. 

5) Recruit and Retain Trucking Edition 

Looking to grow your trucking team? This podcast offers great practical advice and insightful tips from experts for recruiting talent and retaining them for the long term. With turnover at an all-time high, Chad Hendricks the host of this driver recruitment podcast walks through why it’s so hard to attract quality drivers, and get them to stick around while also touching on the importance of fair pay, good company culture and driver benefits. If you are an owner operator struggling to find new drivers, this will give you a close look at how the driver recruitment process works and how to market to them. This episode on driver recruitment and how to write copy for social media ads is a great place to start. 

Hopefully, these trucking podcasts inspire you to expand your knowledge or learn more about nuances and trends that are making their way through the industry!  

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