5 softwares all small trucking businesses need in 2023

Small trucking businesses often face challenges in managing their operations efficiently and scaling their business. However, technology has made it easier for these businesses to streamline their operations, improve their bottom line, and grow their business. In particular, software can help small trucking businesses automate tasks, track freight and drivers, manage finances, and optimize their operations. From accounting and transportation management to visibility and optimization, these software solutions can help businesses of all sizes take control of their operations and improve their profitability. To help you achieve that, here are five software programs that can help you scale and manage your business in 2023.

Accounting software

Small trucking businesses need a reliable accounting software solution to manage their finances, including invoicing, managing cash flow, accepting payments, and more. QuickBooks is a popular choice among small businesses due to its user-friendly interface, flexibility, and robust set of features. With QuickBooks, trucking companies can track expenses, manage payroll, and create customized invoices for their clients. QuickBooks also integrates with other software solutions, such as transportation management systems (TMS), to provide a complete view of a business's finances.

Visibility software

ELD (Electronic Logging Device) and telematics software solutions, such as Samsara, provide real-time visibility into a trucking company's fleet and freight. Samsara offers a comprehensive set of features, including GPS tracking, hours of service (HOS) tracking, driver safety monitoring, and more. This data can help trucking companies optimize their operations, improve driver safety, and meet compliance requirements. Additionally, the platform provides insights into fleet performance and helps identify areas for improvement.

Transportation management software

Transportation management software (TMS) is an essential tool for managing the movement of goods. TMS software, like Rose Rocket, enables businesses to manage the entire lifecycle of an order, from collecting quotes to dispatching and planning, to invoicing. This software streamlines operations and reduces manual tasks, which can help trucking companies scale and improve their profitability. Rose Rocket's platform also includes features such as driver management, load tracking, and invoicing, which can help companies optimize their transportation operations.

A Transformation Management Software (TMS) is key for your business. This type of software provides visibility into day-to-day transportation operations, trade compliance information and documentation, and ensures the timely delivery of freight and goods. Softwares like Rose Rocket help you manage the lifecycle of your order from collecting quotes, to dispatching and planning, all the way to invoicing. Rose Rocket's platform also includes features such as driver management, load tracking, and  invoicing, which can help companies optimize their transportation operations.

A TMS  gives you the ability to automate every part of the order. For example, built-in quoting engines will cut down on phone calls back and forth to get rates. Additionally, a TMS creates a seamless dispatch process with information shared between systems so you no longer have to worry about double-entry or mistakes. And when your goods are in transit, on-demand track and trace is often available for your peace of mind. A good TMS will bring you efficiency so you can focus on growing your business. 

Freight marketplace software

Freight Marketplace software helps trucking companies find and book loads but more importantly, can help you find high-paying loads to cut down expenses. By using freight marketplace software, you can enjoy speed and stability so your trucks can get on their way in record time, driving more efficiency for your small business. You’ll get daily rate information so you can negotiate with confidence, save and compare loads you’re interested in and view live loads in real time. Truckstop is a freight marketplace software that helps you negotiate rates, find routes, manage paperwork, and monitor partners to help you make more money. 

Optimization & planning software

To scale your business, you need to optimize operations and planning. After all, who doesn’t want to increase revenue and have more efficient orders? Rose Rocket’s Plan and Dispatch software makes order entry easy and automated through Customer Portals EDIs, APIs, and Google address auto-fill technology. 

An optimization and planning software also gives you the ability to give customers the best rates faster by knowing historic quotes for certain lanes, to having complex tariffs your customers can self-serve on so you can get moving faster. Brokers can dispatch to a carrier, or carriers can dispatch to drivers all in their TMS in just a few clicks. Since customers want visibility on demand, these softwares allow them to track and trace through their own portal through a tracking link, or email updates. Overall, this software helps trucking companies increase efficiency, reduce fuel costs, and improve overall profitability.

The bottom line

Get your small trucking business where you want it to be with these five softwares. They will allow you to save time on these everyday tasks, so you can focus on scaling your business. Interested in growing your business further with a TMS? Book a demo below with one of our Rose Rocket logistics experts –  as the #1 Rated TMS, we’d be happy to help guide you through this process.

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