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Release Roundup - February 2022

March 1, 2022
‍Your monthly digest of releases, resources and events to help you grow better with Rose Rocket.

Product Updates

🤖 Automate Your Order Entry With OrderBot

Tired of manually inputting all of your orders? Cut the order entry process down from 5 minutes to seconds with our new order entry tool: OrderBot. 


With OrderBot, simply forward Rate Confirmation documents you receive from brokers to the unique OrderBot email address created for your business. OrderBot will then pull order details from the Rate Confirmation to create and book each order in Rose Rocket for you, automatically.

See it in action:


OrderBot is currently compatible with Rate Confirmations from the following Brokers.

✉️  Integrate Your Email With Rose Rocket

Before, emails you sent from Rose Rocket came from a generic address ([email protected]). This meant important emails, such as e-tenders and Portal invites, could be ignored by your customers, or even get caught in their spam filters.

By integrating your email account, the emails you send from Rose Rocket will come from your preferred email account, instead of our default address. These emails include:

  • Bills & Invoices
  • e-Tenders
  • Driver e-Pay (Settlement)
  • Customer Portal Invite
  • Dispatch To Carrier & Driver

Ready to integrate? See full instructions for Gmail and Outlook.

Available: March 3rd

📈 Empower Your Sales Team With The Improved Sales Portal 

Before, sales users were limited in what actions they could perform on the Sales Portal, relying heavily on CSRs to perform tasks on their behalf, like: dispatching, sharing tracking links, or updating order statuses.

With this update, sales users are given far more functionality, empowering them to provide a better customer experience, and further grow your business.


Sales users can now:

  • Dispatch orders to pre-approved carriers or drivers and recall orders from carriers
  • View a list of partner carriers that are available to be dispatched
  • Share order tracking links to shippers
  • Update order statuses to provide continuous updates to their shippers
  • View the legs list
  • View the manifest page of any orders that the sales users have access to
  • Duplicate orders
  • Split a leg to a terminal for dispatching line haul legs

Reach out to your Account Manager to learn more.

🆕 Additional Improvements

Efficient Planning and Dispatch:

  • Filter your order and legs lists by Zip Code, or by "Pick-Up" and "Delivery Requested"
  • Create and edit driver profiles when assigning to an order or manifest, without leaving the Order or Manifests pages
  • Customize the stops and sequencing on a manifest by ungrouping tasks and legs that were grouped together on a multi-stop order
  • Differentiate between company drivers and owner operators with the new "Driver Type" field in the Teams module

User-Friendly Customer & Partner Portals:

  • Create “read-only” Customer Portal profiles for when you want to share order details with staff or customers without the risk of displaying sensitive information.
  • Stop manually granting access to each Portal user. Let your customers self sign-up for Customer and Partner Portals
  • "Invoice sent" and "invoice paid" statuses have been removed from the e-Tracking page to make it cleaner and more shareable

Better Billing & Invoices:


  • Introduced a new button in the Inbox for easy access to an order when navigating from an accepted rate confirmation or pick up request
  • Search and sort enabled and available integrations with new filters on the Integrations module
  • Invite multiple teammates and drivers at the same time

Plus, Over 30 Bug Fixes & Enhancements


🚨 New Podcast Alert🚨 Introducing: Freight Famous

 We're excited to announce the launch of our new podcast: Freight Famous. This podcast shines a light on the behind-the-scenes of the trucking industry. Host and Rose Rocket co-founder, Justin Bailie, talks with guests on how to build, scale, and automate their trucking business. 


👉  Check out episode 1 here, or wherever you listen your favourite podcasts.


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Upcoming Events:

🗓 Orderbot Webinar: Tuesday, March 1, 2022 @ 12pm ET. Register Now!

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