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Minimax Global Logistics works with Rose Rocket to enable customer visibility, all while improving operational efficiency for internal teams.
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"We were not experts on the TMS, but from day 1, we felt like we were."

Albert Renaud
Director of Operations at Minimax Global Logistics

"It was a selling feature for us. With a new customer, we had a few orders, but the ease of use and the visibility that the Customer Portal offered helped open doors for us for new lanes."

Albert Renaud
Director of Operations at Minimax Global Logistics


Freight Brokerage


Cornwall, Ontario


Next-Day, LTL, FTL across Ontario, Quebec, and all of Eastern Canada.

“You can order a pizza and get live tracking, but when you send a million-dollar piece of freight, you don’t get visibility.”

For Albert Renaud of MX Logistics, this was the dilemma that plagued him with their old TMS software. As the Director of Logistics, he felt frustrated for his customers regarding how little visibility they had into their freight as compared to the experience that is available for consumer deliveries. This prompted him to start looking for a new TMS. “We were looking for something that provided visibility to our customers while giving them control and access. We wanted it not only as a way to distinguish ourselves amongst other brokerage firms, but also to use it as a selling feature to get new customers. Rose Rocket was just that.

"It was a selling feature for us. With a new customer, we had a few orders, but the ease of use and the visibility that the Customer Portal offered helped open doors for us for new lanes."

Albert Renaud, Director of Operations

Giving customers on-demand visibility

Rose Rocket’s Customer Portal gave customers on-demand visibility into their freight. It gives customers a self-service element, by allowing them to view rates, order statuses, and documents when they want, where they want. MX Logistics simply had to get updates from their carriers, upload them into their TMS, and customers were able to check in through their own secure and private portal, at their own time.

In addition, the portal’s easy-to-use order and spot quote functionality also allowed their customers to request rates on a regular basis. When customers had questions, they chatted online with MX Logistics through the live-chat feature. This speed and ease of communications allowed their customer to feel comfortable introducing MX Logistics to their Import and Export department, further expanding their relationship and their business.

The set-up for the customer was minimal, which also gave Renaud confidence.

“I was in the car to give a presentation to a new customer, and I sent the Customer Portal invite link before I left the office. By the time I got there, which was a 10- minute drive, they were all set up. I gave a presentation on how to use it right on their docking-level floor with their shippers and receivers, and they were so excited.”

Improving operational efficiency since day 1

Rose Rocket was rolled out to their team during a transitional time: MX Logistics was a brokerage division under Minimax Express and was in the middle of rebranding itself to become an independent subsidiary. Renaud was expecting to be operationally behind due to the immense efforts required to roll out a new TMS. However, due to the nature of Rose Rocket’s cloud-based implementation, they were able to hit the ground running.

"We were not experts on the TMS, but from day 1, we felt like we were."

“We implemented Rose Rocket during a hectic time. We were rebranding and getting our name out there while worrying about if we were going to lose new customers. We had to compete while using a brand new TMS. We knew how it worked, but we were worried about getting up to speed fast enough while juggling everything else. But after day 1, we stopped worrying. We knew it wasn’t going to hinder us, and that it was going to help us. Our first order was entered within the first hour.”

Ongoing Success

Today, MX Logistics is completing an average of 80 orders per week, all through Rose Rocket. They have their order entry time reduced to an average of 30 seconds per order, and their invoicing process down to 1 hour every week. “We can enter the order, review it, save and send, and export to Quickbooks all within a minute. We can take the extra mile to audit because we have time to.”


30-Second Order Entry

Rose Rocket automatically enter addresses from Google Search, as well as connect with MX Logistics’ other systems. This eliminated the need for double entry, narrowing down order creation time from 2-10 minutes to 30 seconds.

75% Increase in Invoice Efficiency

MX Logistics improved liquidity by going from spending 12 hours invoicing every month, to 1 hour every week, with time left to audit invoices prior to sending to customers. The Rose Rocket consolidated invoicing options also allows them to delight customers with one invoice for multiple shipments.

Daily Reports on Cost & Profitability

MX Logistics leverages the real-time data available in the Rose Rocket TMS to run cost analysis reports and profitability reports. They are able to run these reports on a daily basis, allowing them to have constant visibility into their business.

Looking forward

MX Logistics is considering leveraging Rose Rocket for their partner carriers. This will enable MX Logistics to share data with their partners across Rose Rocket without the need for expensive EDI integrations, while automatically bringing carrier track and trace information into the hands of their customers.

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