LDK Logistics+ Rose Rocket: reducing order entry time by 75%

LDK Logistics leverages Rose Rocket to reduce order entry time and improve usage of analytics.
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“Having our own niche, we were worried when looking for a TMS, but Rose Rocket with the adaptability became a no-brainer for us.”

Ryan Benis
Chief Operating Officer at LDK Logistics

“The number one thing for us is the reliability of Rose Rocket, we never have to worry that it’s not going to be there.”

Ryan Benis
Chief Operating Officer at LDK Logistics


Freight Brokerage & 3PL


Denver, Colorado


Specialty, White-Glove, between U.S., including Alaska and Hawaii, as well as Puerto Rico, and Canada.

Ryan Benis started his career in transportation after he filled-in for the shipping person at the manufacturing plant he was working at. Fast forward twenty-five years and Ryan is now the Chief Operating Officer at LDK Logistics.

An experienced member of the industry, Ryan knew that a TMS was important for helping make their business operations more efficient. LDK Logistics had been using a custom in-house system but it just wasn’t helping make their processes more efficient anymore — and it was also costing them a lot of money to maintain.

Their need for a more reliable, affordable, efficient, and easy to use software spurred them to look for a new TMS, and in their search they came across Rose Rocket. 

Easy Onboarding and Reliability

Onboarding your team onto a new system can always be a bit nerve wracking, especially when your business deals with a lot of unique shipments. You want to choose a TMS that can work and adapt to the needs of your business, instead of trying to adapt your business to the piece of software you purchased.

“Having our own niche, we were worried when looking for a TMS, but Rose Rocket with the adaptability became a no-brainer for us.”

LDK Logistics currently has fifteen team members using Rose Rocket, who were all able to start using the system within one month. The ease of use of the Rose Rocket TMS enabled the LDK team to hit the ground running and transition to using this new software efficiently, ensuring that their freight kept moving. 

Besides being easy to start using, the Rose Rocket TMS has also been reliable and speedy, which their in-house system sometimes wasn’t. When their in-house system slowed, it caused massive disruptions and impacted the running of the business.

“The number one thing for us is the reliability of Rose Rocket, we never have to worry that it’s not going to be there.”

Knowing the Rose Rocket team has built a reliable system is one less thing the LDK Logistics team has to worry about.

“Everybody I’ve interacted with at Rose Rocket has similar ideals as our company, which is being customer focused, which is a lost art.”

 Ryan Benis, Chief Operating Officer

Being heard by your service provider

As a transportation company that provides white-glove service, LDK Logistics knows good customer service when they see it. Since using the Rose Rocket TMS, the LDK team has enjoyed their ability to give feedback and suggestions to the Rose Rocket team, and then see that feedback implemented within the product.

“We can put in suggestions and fixes and we get a response within 30 minutes,” Ryan said when reflecting on his team’s interactions with Rose Rocket. He continued to mention how everyone he’s interacted with at Rose Rocket has been great, which has reinforced that this is the right TMS for them.

Crunching numbers and saving time

When looking for a new TMS, LDK Logistics wanted to ensure that whatever software they chose had the ability to provide reports on the analytics of their business. Having never developed detailed reporting with their in-house software, this was integral when purchasing a new TMS. The lack of reporting in their previous system also prevented them from making data oriented decisions to help the company grow. With Rose Rocket, the LDK Logistics team is able to use the Rose Rocket Analytics module to learn important data about their business. 

In addition, Rose Rocket has helped save the LDK Logistics team time when entering complex orders with multiple partners involved. It used to take the LDK team 20 minutes to enter an order involving multiple partners —  with Rose Rocket, it only takes them 5 minutes. They've now reduced the amount of time it takes to enter a complex order by 75%. 


75% time savings for complex orders

Complex order entry involving multiple partners used to take LDK Logistics 20 minutes. With Rose Rocket, they’ve been able to reduce their complex order entry down to 5 minutes.

Quick onboarding for the entire team

Moving over to Rose Rocket is easy. Within one month, all of LDK Logistics’ team members were live in the TMS. This allowed minimal disruption to their business between software transition periods.

On-demand data at their fingertips

Knowing what’s going on in your business is imperative to making decisions that will help your business grow. With Rose Rocket, LDK Logistics utilizes our Analytics module to learn what’s happening in their business and make informed decisions.

Looking forward

LDK Logistics is looking to offer the Rose Rocket Customer Portal to their customers. Providing their customers with the ability to track and trace their freight is priceless. The chat function in the Portal will also help cut down on emails and enable the team to communicate in real time with their customers.

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