Rose Rocket

Customer-Centric 3PL Software

Put service at the heart of your operations

Rose Rocket combines a TMS platform with portal technology to help you offer exceptional customer service.

Customer Experience Matters

Give customers more control over their freight with a private and secure portal that lets them:

Place orders

Get rates

Request spot quotes

Track and trace

Opt-in to email notifications

Manage documents

All customer data is synchronized with Rose Rocket, which means your team can act on it in real time.

Shipper-Centric Analytics

Back up your exceptional service with numbers. Give customers access to self-service reports on stats like Total Shipments, On-Time Percentage, Total Spend, and more.

Jim McBride, CTO
“Rose Rocket is built on a modern technology stack that provides lift to the organization - it's not a game of compromise - it's differentiated by a capable and integrated platform for the next evolution of TMS and OMS needs.”
Jim McBride, CTO

Extend the same experience to your partners

  • Quickly and easily obtain rate confirmations
  • Simplify track & trace with real-time location updates
  • Get paid quickly and on time with integrated billing and invoicing
Become indispensable to your customers